With a revolutionary stride towards better implementation of public-welfare aimed policies and mass awareness and accessibility of the same, the Modi led Indian Government gave wings to the” Digital India Campaign “on July 2, 2017. The campaign aims at putting the public in the driver seat of democracy by ensuring greater transparency and speed in the system by dissemination of all public information via internet and providing digital lockers to the public to safe keep their personal details, all of which will be made feasible by provision of over 2.5 lakh public Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation. In order to further empower the public, the government has launched various apps like MyGov app to act like pocket info-help desks for the people.

India has inherited a bureaucratic administrative system, which has convincingly proved its inefficiency to interact with 1 billion people. The famous “red-thread” reveals the incredibly slow, inefficient, highly complex and inaccessible system of operation. Therefore reforms shouldn’t stop just by establishing a center for e-governance, it should rather get started here. However there are challenges ahead, major ones are: bringing in a positive attitude towards moving to e-governance, educating the bureaucratic babus about the need for change and imparting training to use the technology effectively. Creating a viable coordination between the state and center regardless of political reservations by eliminating the state monopoly is also essential. The massive campaign involving the rural people to bring awareness about the advantages of e-governance to the society.

But does it lead the country closer to the realization of the above-stated vision? A lot of benefits has accrued after the implementation of the programmer in the form of creation of over 9.4 Crore direct and indirect jobs, pace-advancement in the development of the IT sector, estimated Zero Net Imports by 2020 and creation of digitally empowered citizens.

To conclude, with such campaigns up the government’s sleeve, the day is not far when the ideal Indian will be the one with his head held high, voice powerful, a pen in one hand and a smartphone in the other.


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