The twentieth century has witnessed a revolution in the field of science and technology. Ever imagined that just by flashing your camera on a restaurant you can come to know of its reviews and everything about it?  Can a phone camera by reading a complicated Wi-Fi password, automatically log you into the network? Viewing a flower through your phone’s camera and getting to know of its species and what not. The list is endless. This seems to be a farfetched dream, doesn’t it?

But wait Google definitely has something in store for us. Unfolding something new each time, CEO Sundar Pichai recently introduced a new technology Google Lens, an AI-powered technology that effectively acts as a search box and uses machine learning to examine photos. The idea is to leverage Google’s computer vision and making computers understand videos and images. This will enable smartphone camera to go smart and ameliorate from a passive tool to an active viewfinder.

The company demonstrated how the lens would be integrated into Google Assistant. Users can launch the lens through a new button in the Assistant app. Then the Assistant will process the data contained in the photo when it is inserted into it.

This app is integrated to Google Photos and what can it do can be best answered through examples like translating foreign text by its photo, bringing up a phone number on the dialler by taking a screenshot of the number, booking tickets via Google Assistant by taking a photo of the theatre billboard etc.

After getting available on an increasing number of devices, this feature will help those who prefer communication with photos over text.

When will the Google Lens be made available is not known as of now but is surely arriving soon? So stay tuned!

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