“Strati” is a latest 3D-printed electric car being developed by oak ridge NL.It would be quite complex to group over the concept without actually getting to know the basics of the technology involved in making it, which is 3D-printing technology


What is 3D-printing:

3D-printing is quite a familiar term being used these days, so let’s get to know the topic in-depth detail about the technology and the exact process involved in it. Here, itself suggest that the process involves 3- dimensional printing of objects as per the instructions received from a digital file, based upon the manufacturing process it is also known as Additive Manufacturing. This process is a beneficial practice as it produces complex shapes consuming material way less than other traditional manufacturing practices.

From the information stated above, we get an idea about the fast-spreading technology in the world.

So, now let us come to know about a phenomenal product produced recently using this fabulous technology.

Origin of STARTI:

Yes, strati are claimed to be the foremost electric car prepared using 3D- printing technology. The technology was followed by 3 days of milling and assembling, which was the first test driven on September 13, 2014. The electric car was developed by local motors and was manufactured in collaboration with Cincinnati Incorporated and Oak Ridge NL. This masterpiece was manufactured during IMT show in Chicago


Interesting facts about STRATI:

  • This is one amongst the 1 finalists of the 3D printed car design challenge which was held in April 2014 by local motors organized the crowdsourcing to assist in the production of a full body 3D printed car. This was won by Michele Anne of Italy, who was awarded the $5,000 prize. After the contest, local motors took the design and made several modifications


  • 2 seat strati considered being a “neighborhood” electric car. Depending on the configuration of battery packs, the range of the car can be 100 to 120mi(160 to 190 KM) with top speed of 40mph(64KM/H)


  • Strati is printed from the thermoplastic using a big area additive manufacturing (BAAM) machine, which is fully recyclable, which can be chopped and reproduced to be used in printing another car.



The car is not designed to be used on highways, as it does not meet the required safety test requirements.

PRICE RANGE: between $18,000 and $30, 000.


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