I am a writer. I always had a dream of publishing a book of my own. Suddenly an opportunity knocked my door. I was called to write a story for a horror movie. As director was one of my close associates and even i was waiting for a chance to prove my self, I said yes! I took a train the very next day to that city. As soon as I got out of the train, I heard my mind voice asking “Where do you gonna stay ?” I took a cab in search of that answer. I was looking for a “Paying guest” houses. Luckily, I have answered it at the beginning itself. The house looked beautiful and the family too. Especially,”Riva” . The five year old little girl. I introduced myself as a writer and they showed me the room where i gonna stay and that was the guest room of the house. The room looked pretty good with a king sized cot and few antique pieces. I totally liked it and made my mind to stay there. The room next to mine was Riva’s. I felt happy as i could spend some time with that little girl.

The rent for the three months was paid. I entered my room with luggage and freshened up myself. As it was the supper time, riva came to my room and informed that the dinner was ready and ran away. I though she was afraid of me as i was new to her. I have a habit of carrying chocolates with me. I took few of them and when i was in the dinning hall, i called riva and gave them and said eat them after the dinner. she took them with smile. After the dinner, i made some phone call’s regarding the script work and i was about to turn off the lights, riva was standing at the door. I asked her to come in. She was holding a doll in one had and the chocolates which i gave her during the dinner in other. I asked her what happened. She facing the floor walked towards me and left the chocolates. I asked “Why riva ? you did’nt like them?” she replied “Ramu did’nt liked taking them with you.” I asked who is ramu ?” She replied, “He is my grandfather” and she left. As few parents don’t allow children to eat the at night, i thought to give them in the morning. As the room was cool i could’nt switched on the fan and the conversation in the next room was pretty clear. Riva was asking her grandfather to tell a story. He was denying it as it was too late and time for riva to sleep. Like that slowly the convo continued and i was slipped into sleep.

In the next morning, i offered the same chocolates to riva but, she denied them with out having a second thought. I tried to convenience her by saying it’s okay to have them in the morning. But, she was not ready to take them. I asked her what was the reason for her denial. She repeated the same words of the last night. her grandfather did’nt liked taking them with me. I asked why? She replied “As you occupied his room, he have no room to rest. That’s why he is sharing it with me. ” I thought for a while and said, “Okay tell me where is he. I’ll talk to him about it.” He went out. He’ll be returning by evening, she replied. I said okay and left the confab as i got some phone call. After some time, i thought to myself to discuss this issue with the house owner whether his father was really facing an issue about me residing here or not. But that day, I could’nt as i went out on my work. That night after the dinner, i was on the bed and riva came to me. I asked, “Hi riva. where is your grandfather?”. He’ll be here any time she replied. “Why are you looking so sad ? Is that the reason, i took your grandfathers room ? “, I questioned. She could’nt say yes but i know it is. I said, see riva i have enough bed which could easily accommodate two people. If your grandfather is okay with it, then i have no problem in sharing it with him. This left her in happy. She said “okay. I’ll definitely ask ramu about it. And i’m pretty sure that he will be agreeing for that”. I said okay with a smile. She then took my mobile and said, “I like to play games.” i said okay and return it when your grandfather comes, as i was feeling sleepy. She said okay and went to her room.

In the next morning when i woke up, I saw riva next to me. I did’nt want to wake her up. I got freshened myself and when i came out riva was awakened. I asked “Good morning riva ! i think your grandfather did’nt come last night right ?”  “No he came. We three shared the same bed. I think he went out now. Even we used your mobile to take pictures.” she replied. “oh! that’s fine ” i replied. I thought to myself that i should really speak about it to riva’s father whether he’s really facing trouble on my arrival or not.

I approached MR.Kumar, the house owner. He was sitting out, reading news paper. I started “Hi Kumar, Good morning .” He wishes me back and offered a chair nearby to me. He asked “How did you like the room?” I said “Yeah the room is great and the food too.” Kumar I just want to ask you a question, can I ?”  “Yes of course” he replied.”who use to stay in that room before me?” I asked . “My father” he replied. Then I got little bit clear that this person made his father to vacate his room in order to make some money on that. In a little bit fierce tone I replied ” It’s not good to make our parents suffer in order to make money. It’s ok, by next month I will be shifting to another house. I request you to allot his room back to him.” “Excuse me! Allot back to whom? ” He questioned with ambiguity. “Allot it to your father Mr.Raju.”  “My father? How it could be possible? We lost him 5years back!”  I was blown away by his words. Intensity of my blood rushing into my spine was abnormal. “what are you saying Kumar, he shared the same bed with me last night. And every night I hear his voice saying stories to Riva. How can you talk about him like that. ” Saying stories to Riva! Have you gone mad or what! It’s impossible. He died before Riva born. This left me half fainted. Immediately I remembered Riva saying that she took photos Whit his on my mobile. I immediately opened them, but I could see no one except Riva. The trauma made me feel as if something was leaving my body. I Tried to recollect everything but I could found him no where .

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