After the confab with nanny on the telephone, I felt collapsed and plumped my body on a chair near by. I was thinking deep, felt anesthetized and slowly slipped into nap. After some time kunal came to me in an excited way saying ” here you are, come on dear doctor called us and also the condition of nisha is fine now”. I felt little bit happy on hearing that, but the thing that nanny phonated was nicking deep inside. And i don’t want kunal to know about it. Nurse came and pointed the way for the doctors cabin. While moving i observed blood stains on my dress near the shoulder, i ignored them as it was a hospital.

We entered the doctors room and all we could see was a big transparent glass which acted as a screen between this room and the other in which nisha was sleeping. We could see nisha clearly through the glass. A Doctor entered the room and introduced him self as  Mr. Vivek Narayan a child psychologist and asked us to explain the problem with nisha. Kunal went further and explained about the incidents happened and also about the behaviour of nisha. Doctor consoled us and said no need to worry as this is a simple case, where i heard my inner voice saying “hope so!” and doctor moved towards nisha in the next room.

Doctor went inside the room wishing nisha and the conversation went like this.

Doc: Hello nisha! how are you feeling now?

Nisha: Yes doctor i’m feeling good. Where is my mom and dad?

Doc: Great! they are on their way. They would be coming here with in no time. Ok, do you remember how much you have troubled Mr and Mrs kunal last night?

Nisha: Troubled? Mom and Dad? No doctor i don’t remember doing so.

Doc: Ok dear no problem, then you might have at least remembered the dream you had last night? See complete citation of that nightmare will earn you a chocolate like this and there are much more. “said doctor by pointing his at a jar of chocolates on his table”.

Nisha: Dream? No doctor i have none nightmares. I want to see my mom. Where is she?

Doc: Yes dear she will be arriving in couple of minutes. But why did Ishika said to me like that?

Nisha: Ishika? How do you know her and what did she say?

Doc: Yes. But before telling that how did i know her, you need to explicit your dream with out any inexact.

Nisha: Yes i’m saying true doctor. How can i get dream or any nightmare with out sleeping.

Doc: You did’nt sleep? Ok tell me then what did you do last night with out sleeping?

Nisha: I was with ishika.

“These words left me and Kunal stupefied”.

Doc: With ishika? what you were doing with ishika that night. Ok tell me completely what happened.

Nisha: Yes i was with isika last night. She took me to her place yesterday.

Doc: Her place? Where was it?

Nisha:I don’t know. She took me to a place which was totally dark and only i could descry few things in the moon light that too was very low. She asked me to stay in that house and left saying the she would be back in few moments. Much time passed, she did’nt return, i felt scared and thought to get out of that house. When i came out, I saw a person fully covered with a black bolt, resembling the character in the “crypt” and nothing else was visible.That person got a lantern in the hand and signaled me to follow by its side. As i don’t know where to go, i followed that person. After moving some distance, that person stood unmoved and pointed his finger towards a coffin on which my name “Nisha” was craved. I felt shattered on seeing that. I started to run with a large scream in the direction from where we started. After running some distance i reached the house in which Ishika asked me to stay. And what i saw was unreal.From the distance i stood, that house resembles our old house”The Oak view cottage”. I was stunned on seeing that. I thought to run from that place, but the scary dwarf characters caught me, took me to the coffin. I tried to escape but i could’nt. At that instant i heard some one’s spooky laugh standing at a dune. And that was the same black bolt person who stood unveiling the black scarf and she was sighted closely as our nanny. All she did was laughing hard by staring at me.

Doc: Ok how did you escape from that place?

Nisha: I din’t know. All i remembered was i got fainted. And when i opened my eyes i was in this hospital.

oh is it! And one last question dear. Why did you go along with Ishika? Are’nt you scared?

Nisha: Yes I was. Initially i denied going with her. But she threatened me by aiming knife on my mom’s throat and said that she would kill her if i don’t come with her. Where is she? I want to see her immediately.

Doc: Hmm. Ok nisha your mom will be arriving in couple of minutes. You can take rest now.

By saying that doctor left the cabin and approached us. He headed Kunal and said like this “case of nisha is little sober, she started exaggerating the things which she saw in dreams thinking that they are real. But there is no need to worry. A couple of days of observation and every thing will be alright. You may go and see nisha now”. By saying this doctor left.

Me and Kunal with a queer to meet her headed to her room. While entering nisha’s room, there was a mirror hanged on the wall. In that mirror i could clearly see a scar on my neck which was appearing to be made with a knife and the blood stains on the shoulder were ensue of it and this left me spiritless….


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