I felt tongue-tied after hearing the words of Nisha. ” Ishika ! who is she ? Is she your classmate ? ” words rolled down from kunal. ” No, she was the one with whom I use to play in  OAK VIEW cottage, our old house “, Nisha replied sobbingly. Some how we allayed her by averting the situation but, a question was continuously running through my mind ” who is Ishika ? “. That day Kunal left for office little earlier and Nisha was absolutely normal as if nothing had happened last night and even I was also neither interested in raising a query  about it as she was hunching it as a dream.

Hour’s passed. Suddenly Nisha ran towards me and started asking ” Mumma, i couldn’t find the channel of my favorite show. Could you please find it for me ?” your favourite show ? what is that ? i asked. Don’t you remember ! Nisha exclaimed with a little sore face and replied “The Cypt tales” . Yes yes i do remember my baby I quoted as i don’t want to disappoint her but, with a sad face she went inside with out heeding  my words.

And yes, reason for her behaviour is, Nisha has a strange obsession of explicating the things at night, what she watches during the day and she also use to explain about her favourite show the Crypt Tales, which she use to watch after her school hours in the absence of me and kunal and now in spite of her descriptions, as i couldn’t remember the name of the show she got impaired And all i could remember is it was a scary comic show.

That night Nisha got up from her sleep with a loud scream and she was bawling continuously, when  we asked what’s wrong, she said that the characters in that show were troubling her. She said “Those dwarf characters tried to put me in a coffin and bury me ” and she yelled that , ” the girl’s face was revealed .” Whose face is revealed i queried.” Yes mom the tall girl among the scary dwarf sort whose face was carpeted is unveiled ”


These words from Nisha made both of us baffled. As we have no idea what she is yelling about. Kunal lifted her and tried to console her but she got fainted. Kunal carried her and immediately rushed to the hospital. All i could see was doctors taking Nisha inside the emergency ward and that was the last time, I have seen Nisha that day.

” I regret it completely. I am responsible for the situation which Nisha is facing right now ” I asserted sobbingly leaning on the shoulders of Kunal. ” Its not your mistake, we must have appointed a better nanny , who would have taken withal care about Nisha and insisted her not to watch such scary shows” kunal claimed. Yes she was the main lead for the sorrow we are undergoing I thought internally and ranged a phone call to her.

When she lift the call, I fiercely bawled over her for allowing Nisha to watch such scary shows and proclaimed that she was totally responsible for her situation.

In response to my claims, her answer was succumbing, I was literally weaken and swooned after her reply. She said ” Mam please calm down and listen genially, I never allowed Nisha to watch such shows. she always use to stare at the black screen of a switched off T.V for about one hour. And when ever i asked her about it, She use to say that she was watching her favourite show and all I thought it was part of her game ”

These words from nanny left me collapsed.







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