Suddenly one night Nisha started to scream , I was trying to stop her but she was incorrigible. I was very much scared and immediately ran towards my husband who was in the next room to wake him up and while returning to the room we could see that the door was closed . I slowly opened the door . The room was completely dark and     inerrable silence all around where we could feel our heart beat.

I switched on the lights , I could see nisha no where on the bed . Suddenly i heard someone giggling , I turned my head towards the sound and it was nisha , sitting on the floor with back facing us . This is what  we could see from the place we are.  We slowly approached her and the next second what we saw was stupefying . She was on the floor ,  playing chess all alone . This made kunal angry and rushed towards nisha . In a fiery tone yelled ” Nisha put the piece down and go back to your bed right now”, she did’nt even gave a glance to his words . This made him more fierce and he was about to lift her by yelling “Are you mad to play the chess all alone this night ? ” then she stood up suddenly and looking straight away into his eyes she said “I AM NOT ALONE”.

This made me half fainted . Some how we took her to the other room and made her sleep that night . That was really a night mare for both of us . In the morning when nisha woke up she started crying .When we asked for the reason of her cry , what she said was shell shocking . she said ” I got a very bad dream in which papa was very angry on me when i was  playing chess with ISHIKA”…


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