This was the story happened with my very own daughter . I never bated an eye over such stories , until that single  day , on which we were the victims . Those were the early 2000’s . My husband Kunal work for an MNC . Nisha our baby love, she was eight year old.Till then everything went good until we took a new house,nearer to my office as i wanted to rebuild my career . Kunal was happy with my decision as he always wanted me to do so.

To take care of Nisha who comes couple of hours earlier to home,we appointed a nanny.She was good looking and seemed to be a good person with the age of between 60-65.Nanny never use to complain about Nisha though she was mischievous from childhood.She always  use to admire her by saying that,she plays chess very well.This continued for some months.

Few months later we shifted to the new house.As Nisha was growing elder and our timings are nearly matched, we asked nanny to stop her service.Everything went well few days.Some days later, Nisha started to scream and shout in her dreams.Initially we did’nt took it serious as it was the natural phenomenon of the children at that age as they suddenly scream in dreams.But the Nisha’s case was too serious…..


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